(The following information will be displayed by the Institutions concerned in its own website for the information of all concerned simultaneously with submission of application to the NCTE seeking grants of recognition and updated from time to time as per Clause 8 (14) of the NCTE (Recognition Norms & Procedure) Regulations, 2006
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1. Details of the institution:
1.1 Name of the Institution: Surya College of Education
1.2 Location of Establishment : Bhanokhedi
1.3 Complete postal address: V.P.O.- Bhanokheri ( Bhanokheri)
P.O. Bhanokheri Block - Ambala
Tehsil/Taluka- Ambala
Town / City – Ambala
District- Ambala State – Haryana
1.4 Phone (with STD code): 0171-2532106, 94161-72543
1.5 Fax:  0171-2556914
1.6 E-mail:
1.7 Website Address:
1.8 Nearest Railway Station: AMBALA CITY
1.9 Nearest Town: AMBALA CITY
1.10 Type of Institution (Boys/Girls/Co-Education): Co-Education
1.11 Status of Institution (Minority/Non-Minority): Non-Minority
2. Management:
  a) Management Owned : NA
b) Govt Aided : NA
c) Self Financed : Self Financed
d) University Department : NA


3. Details of the course applied for
3.1 Level of the course: College of Education
3.2 Name of the Teacher Education Course: B.Ed.
3.3 Duration of the Course:
Face to face or distance mode:
One Year
Face to face
3.4 Proposed Intake: 100
3.5 Academic Session from which the course
was firstly conducted:
2007 2008
3.6 Details of the Affiliating Body:
4. Land:
4.1 Land Area in sq. mt. 18354 Sq. Mt.
4.2 Whether the Title of the land is on
Ownership basis:
On lease basis
4.3 Title of the land is on lease As per law: On lease basis
4.4 Duration of the lease: 99 Years
4.5 Land Use Certificate obtained

for Educational Institution:

N.O.C. obtained from Distt. Town Planner Ambala Vide Moeo No. 1252 DTP(A)
5. Building:
    Yes         No
5.1 Construction of the building is complete        
5.2 Building is yet to be constructed        
5.3 Building is fire safety-proof       
5.4 Common room for boys/girls available       
5.5 Date of completion of the Building Building completed as per Rules
5.6 Covered Area in sq. mt. 1505 Sq.Mt.
5.7 Number of class rooms Four
5.8 Other facilities: Yes all as per Norms
6. Library:
    Yes         No
6.1 The library has separate reference section/
Journals section and reading room

6.2 Number of books in the library 3054 Books
6.3 Total number of educational Journals/periodicals being subscribed 10
6.4 Number of encyclopedias available in the library 4
6.5 Number of books available in the reference section of the library
6.6 Seating capacity of the reading room of the library 40
7. Instructional Facilities:
7.1 Details of laboratories available (pl attach annexure) well equipped Sc. Lab.
7.2 Arrangement made for practice teaching Nearly Schools
7.3 Number and Name of school (s) for practice teaching 5
8. Manpower (Photographs of Teaching Facility should be displayed):
8.1 Details of proposed/appointed teaching staff
(Date of birth, Qualification, Professional Qualification, and other relevant information)
1 Principal+7Lecturer+
4 supporting Staff
8.2 Details of proposed/appointed non-teaching staff  4
9. Facilities for games & sports:
9.1 Own Playground Yes
9.2 Playground of another institution on sharing basis No
9.3 Gymnasium/Multipurpose hall Yes
9.4 Facilities for gymnasium Yes
9.5 Facilities for athletics Yes
9.6 Facilities for Indoor Games Yes
9.7 Facilities for Outdoor Games Yes
10. Other facilities available:
    Yes         No
10.1 Canteen facilities available or not

10.2 Medical facilities available or not       
10.3 Hostel facilities available or not        
Note: This is the minimum information to be provided. Institutions however may like to add further inputs for information of stakeholders.

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